The Homeowner's Guide
to Heating, Cooling and Indoor Air Quality
Written by Henry Morgan

This informative booklet is deliberately brief, designed to read in a single sitting, 40 minutes or so.  The core information needed by the average homeowner seeking to take an informed HVAC buying decision is relatively narrow in scope.   

This booklet is divided into three sections.  In sections one and two we will help you understand the important points to consider when faced with the need to replace the heating and/or cooling system in your home.  The third section will explore the fundamentals of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as they apply to the modern home. 

This booklet has been crafted to answer the core questions applicable to residential consumers. If you are looking for no-frills answers to the basic questions that arise when you need warmer, cooler or cleaner air within your home, you’ll be satisfied by the end of this booklet.

Just 48 pages, this essential part of every family bookshelf can help save you thousands of dollars and can help you avoid bad decisions that may have ramifications for years to come.

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